Search Google in Private

Webs Biggest is designed for the power searcher who wants to protect their privacy.

Search Google in private

We let you search Google anonymously, preventing them from selling your search history to the highest bidder. Simply enter your query in the box at the top of the page and press the Enter key

Your query will go to a proxy server which will then query Google on your behalf. That way Google will log the query with our IP address, country, city, browser signature, etc. and not yours. We also won't store any details about you or your searches.

Why? Because you don't want Google knowing more about you than your mother!

Top Sites

Ever wanted to know what the top sites in the world were for a particular subject? Now you can! Simply click the Top Sites menu at the top of the page to browse our hundreds of thousands of categories. For each one we list the world's most popular sites by the actual traffic the site receives rather than by the subjective criteria search engines apply.

Editor's Choice articles

Tired of search engines sending you to low quality or commercial websites? Simply enter your query in our search box and select Editor's Choice from the drop down menu. We will display top quality articles matching your query from our database of millions.

Help us help you

Providing you with all these free services costs a lot of money. You can help by recommending your employer buy an ad. We only charge $5 a month since we are only trying to cover our costs.