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All LotR Fic Yahoo! Group for any and all stories, gen, het, or slash, up to rating NC-17. Stories only, no discussion. Anything Goes at the Council of the Ring Mailing list and archive for all kinds of stories, including gen, het, and slash. Aragorn Arwen Yahoo! Group for discussion of and stories about the romance between Aragorn and Arwen. Bag End LiveJournal community for venting and criticizing all kinds of Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Strictly for the heretical, the disillusioned, the painfully honest and the opinionated. Beyond Middle Earth Topica mailing list for character or real-person het or slash stories from movies or TV series that involve the cast members of the Lord of the Rings movies. Boromir Fanfiction Yahoo! Group for slash, het, and gen Boromir stories of all ratings. Elrond's Slaves Yahoo! Group dedicated to all things Elrond and Hugo Weaving. Welcomes fan fiction, fan art, and discussion. The Gutter Elves Yahoo! Group for adult discussion and stories (het and slash) featuring Tolkien's Elves. Haldir's Whores Yahoo! Group for het and slash stories, as well as picture sharing. Lord of the Rings Fanfiction Yahoo! Group for all types and ratings of stories. Lord of the Rings Recommendations An updates announcement Yahoo! Group with recommendations for gen, het, and slash for all pairings, satire, angst, romance. LOTR Adult Fiction Yahoo! Group for those who write or read slash or het stories. Character and real-person fiction of any rating is allowed. Middle Earth Sock Puppet News LiveJournal community for news updates of plotlines in the Middle Earth Sock Puppet Theatre. The Middle Earth Whore House LiveJournal community for people who keep Lord of the Rings based sockpuppets/character journals. However, all friends, LOTR and/or smut fans and plain old humans are welcome to join in on the frolick. Middle-Earth Sock Puppet Theatre LiveJournal community for roleplaying any characters from Tolkien's universe. Members maintain in-character journals. Our Middle Earth Yahoo! Group for roleplaying Tolkien's characters and original characters in his world. Slash is allowed, but it is not mandatory. Pervy Vampire Hobbit Fanciers Anonymous Yahoo! Group for discussion of vampire-hobbits, vampire-elves, and any other vampiric creatures of Middle Earth. SilverGrey Yahoo! Group for fans of the Elven twins Elladan and Elrohir. Welcomes het and slash stories. Tolkien BDSM Topica mailing list for discussion of Tolkien's characters in BDSM scenarios. Tolkien DarkFic Yahoo! Group for fan fiction and discussion of the darker side of Middle Earth. Stories may be slash, het, or gen, but will contain dark themes regardless of category and characters. Tolkien Fanfic Improv Yahoo! Group for improv fanfiction set in the universe created by Tolkien (books and movies). All genres, ratings, and pairings welcome. UCMEC Yahoo! Group for the Unofficial Committee for More Elrond and Celebrían fan fiction. Wizards and Elves Yahoo! Group for discussion and fiction about Wizards and Elves from the books and the films, especially Gandalf, Legolas, and Elrond. Gen, het, and slash stories welcomed.
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