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Acidqueen's Star Trek Fan Fiction Acidqueen's multiple pairing zone: S/Mc, K/S, Spock/Saavik, f/f; AU, MU and BDSM. Stories include "The Tarot Suite." Amphioxous Obnoxious's Spock/McCoy Stories Spock/McCoy stories by a cephalochordate. Wide range of ratings, and strongly flavored by McCoy's Georgia heritage. Ara's Place Arachnethe2's mainly K/S stories and poetry. Art from Karracaz A gallery of innocent and naughty Kirk, Spock, McCoy, K/S, S/Mc and Saavik art. Carnall Enterprises, UnLtd Jane Carnall's old school TOS slash, first published in such zines as "Unique Touch" and "NOME." Includes K/S, S/Mc/Zarabeth, and K/S/Mc. Djinn's Lair Star Trek stories about a variety of TOS characters, from McCoy to Saavik, also various pairings, including Kirk/Chapel. Dread Nought's Stories Dreadnought's Kirk/Spock stories and TOS episode reviews (with clips). Elise Madrid's K/S Fiction Previously published K/S slash stories by Elise Madrid. Farfalla's Kirk/Spock Happyplace Fanfiction, poetry, drawings, cartoons, screencaptures, photomanipulations, and humor honoring the romantic relationship between James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock of Star Trek. Gateway: Archives of The Lost Tomes Vulcan fic by Gayle Rochefort-Potts, mostly m/f involving Sarek or Spock, some m/m. Hafital's Fanfiction Paradise Hafital's TOS fiction, mainly Kirk/Spock; some other pairings. Intuition/Calculation: Cim and K'Sal's Kirk/Spock Kirk/Spock stories by Cimorene and K'Sal. Istannor's Startrek Fanfic A renowned historian for the Federation is sharing with us his knowledge of the real life on the Enterprise. And some other stories. JDish "Janice and Kirk's Dark Side" by jdish: what really happened in Janice Rand's cabin during "The Enemy Within." John O'Connor John O'Connor (lushcoltrane) has written multi-pairing TOS f/f, including Rand/Chapel, Areel Shaw/Gillian Taylor, and Roberta Lincoln/Isis. K1 of 7 presents Kirk/Spock! Adult Kirk/Spock fiction by K1of7 Killa's Adventures in Melodrama Slash fiction by Killashandra. Principally TOS and Highlander. Kinky Star Trek Slash by K'Chaps Ride on the wild side with K'Chaps (aka JustBlackChaps) and her kinky accounts of Kirk, Spock, and friends. Miss Sunbeam's Heap 'o' Trek Smut Kirk/Spock, S/Mc, K/C and other slash pairings dance to the inimitable beat of The Enigmatic Big Miss Sunbeam. Original Syn Syn Ferguson's slash stories, originally published in zines, are being brought to the net for the first time. Ronda's Spock and Christine page Ronda Sexton's PG-13 to NC-17 Spock/Chapel stories. Sara's Kirk/Spock Sara's sometimes Jewish-themed Kirk/Spock fanfiction. Stories By C.M. Decarnin The Kirk/Spock BDSM classic "Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee" by C.M. Decarnin. The Supernova Stories Sadie Maxwell's erotic Trek fic, including Chapel/m and Christopher Pike/Number One. Tempest's Caves Janet's Spock/McCoy fiction. Uncle Mike "Where No Man Has Cum Before": m/f multiple.
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